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What is insurance?

Insurance cover means you pay a monthly premium or yearly contribution to an insurer who provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment thereof.

What is self-insurance?

Self-insurance is when you have enough capital available by setting aside money to cover possible losses, sustain medical expenses, lifestyle expenses and taxes should you become disabled or die, rather than purchasing an insurance policy.

Is your approach correct?

Our approach is unique and offers our clients more control and insight into their finances. We build a long term relationship with our clients, because we believe their portfolios are a ‘living entity’. Insurance companies provide revised premiums and benefits on a regular basis and these product changes need to be communicated to our clients for improved cover and premium reductions. We also offer our clients self-insurance through systematically reducing their need for insurance.

How can I get covered on iCoveronline?

You simply need to send us your cover request. We have created iCoveronline to firstly educate you on your need for cover and then show you how much cover you need. Once you have utilised our online quoting system, we receive your information and quote request on our system. We will then email you with at least three comparative quotations. Once you receive your quotes, you will find a section within the quote where we give our expert opinion on the chosen company and advice on which option might best suit your needs and pocket. We aim to find the best value on the market for your money.

Simply let us know which quote option you choose and we will email you an application form to fill in, sign and return to us via fax or email (please scan the appropriate documents in and please remember to initial ever page). In some cases there might be a compulsory short medical examination, whereby a qualified nurse will be sent to your home of office for your convenience. This is crucial when insuring yourself with big amounts as you want to avoid a non-payment from a claim should you not have disclosed vital medical conditions.

As soon as your application is accepted we will then send you confirmation and information on your cover and the policy commencement date. You can also view a summary of your portfolio by logging into the Wentzel Consulting website with your own personal Login and Password, which we will provide to you.

Why pay estate duty taxes to the government?

Estate duty tax is the tax you might have to pay to transfer your estate from your name to another name. This tax is charged on the total value of your estate. Should you approve of the iCoveronline approach you can simple input your relevant details and values in the sections provided. Our calculators will calculate and incorporated the various discounts and percentages on your behalf, to show you how much life cover you need to be insured for this purpose.

What is Capital Gains Taxes?

A tax levied on profit from the sale of property or of an investment return. This tax is charged on the capital growth you gained on various investments after August 2001. Also, should you die you will need to pay Capital Gains Taxes on your investments and properties as though you were selling them, in order to transfer them to your dependants. Our calculators have incorporated all the necessary discounts and percentages to establish the life cover amount you need to be insured for to pay for these expenses on behalf of your dependants.

How can I reduce my estate duty tax?

We make use of Inter Vivo trusts and donations to reduce your Estate Duty Tax.

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