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We all hope it won’t be us, but can you imagine the difference it would make if something did happen, to know that at the very least you have the funds available to cover the expenses? Compare that to suddenly receiving a medical bill for R500 000 and you can see why Health Cover is important.

But is your health cover working hard? Is it the best cover for the money you’re handing over every month? Are you aware of all the options that are available to you?

If you aren’t sure, please contact me and ensure you’re not throwing money away or leaving yourself at risk.

Health Cover need not be expensive and there are options available which represent excellent value for money, including those offering unlimited private care and wonderful day-to-day benefits. Whether you need a simple hospital plan or full medical cover, I am confident that I can find ways to have you covered for more, but paying less!

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Icoveronline Health Cover

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