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If you are currently saving some money towards your future, that’s great. But if you are not saving enough or putting your money to the best use, you could still find yourself in a sticky situation down the line. And then you have, literally, been throwing money away.

Avoid this by having a foolproof plan which covers your short term savings needs, your retirement, your children’s education and anything else you have decided to save up for.

Money can be saved up monthly and/or deposited as a lump sum and some of these contributions are tax-deductible.

Whatever you do, do not take any product that has lumped term savings and insurance together – it is probably one of the worst savings products on the market and doesn’t cover your insurance needs adequately either.

The best way to ensure that your savings needs are being met, is by basing your savings plan on your unique personal goals and circumstances and then finding the best products to match. That’s where I come in – I thrive on finding the products that are going to work the hardest for my clients, at the lowest cost to them.

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Save money and invest wisely to ensure unforseen expenses and a comfortable nest egg
Icoveronline Savings

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